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Outdoor Power Solution

Outdoor Adventures with Portable Power Station

SuperBase V is a portable power solution designed for outdoor adventures. With its large capacity battery and expandable power ranging from 3.8-7.6kWh, you'll have more than enough power to fuel your outdoor life without constraints. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or exploring remote locations, this portable powerhouse allows you to embrace the wild without worrying about energy usage. What's more, you can harness solar energy to extend your outdoor enjoyment, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Large capacity battery, more power for your ourdoor life

Unlock the ultimate power freedom with the SuperBase V, featuring an impressively large capacity battery. This single unit boasts an incredible 6400Wh capacity, ensuring you can bid farewell to any lingering power anxiety. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a worry-free outdoor lifestyle.

Feel constrained anytime, anywhere

Equipped with motorized wheels and an expandable handle, this power station becomes a breeze to transport, making your outdoor adventures even more effortless. Don't let a heavy power station hold you back—embrace the convenience and portability of the SuperBase V, and elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.

14 Ports for Every Need

Never compromise on the power again with the SuperBase V. It allows you to power a staggering 14 devices simultaneously, making it the ultimate solution to satisfy everyone's power needs. No more arguments over who gets to charge their device first or worrying about leaving essential equipment behind. With the SuperBase V, you can effortlessly cater to everyone's demands, ensuring that no adventure is hindered by a lack of power.

Endless Solar Energy

Harness the power of the sun to extend your adventures and experience the true freedom of outdoor living. With solar energy as your ally, you can enjoy an endless power supply wherever your journeys take you. No need to worry about running out of energy or being tied down to traditional power sources.

Choose Your Outdoor Power Solution

SuperBase V4600 Power Station

Plug-and-Play Home Energy Storage System

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SuperBase V4600 Solar Generator

SuperBase V4600 Power Station + 400W Solar Panel

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SuperBase V4600 Power Station

SuperBase V4600 Power Station + B4600 Satellite Battery

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Power Up Your Outdoor Adventure


FAQs for Outdoor Power Solutions

What is an outdoor power solution?

An outdoor power solution typically refers to portable and durable power sources like batteries, generators, or solar panels, which can supply the electricity in outdoor environments for camping, RV life, or other outdoor activities.

How does an outdoor power solution work?

An outdoor power solution can be charged via mains electricity before your trip or through renewable sources like solar panels during the trip. The stored power can then be used to run various appliances and charge devices.

Can an outdoor power solution power my RV?

SuperBase V with 16 outputs and the portable battery's TT-30 port can supply up to 30A to your RV or camper's 120V appliances. Also, the Anderson port draws up to 378W max under 12.6V 30A. So you can charge your RV essentials feel free.

How long will an outdoor power solution last on a camping trip?

This largely depends on the capacity of the power solution and the power usage of your devices and appliances. SuperBase V has an expandable capacity of up to 64Kwh, which can provide power for a few weeks.

What appliances can I run with an outdoor power solution?

The type of appliances that can be powered depends on the power output and capacity of the solution. This could include lights, phones, laptops, small refrigerators, or cooking equipment.

Is an outdoor portable power station better than a gas generator?

Power stations are often more lightweight, quiet, and do not produce emissions, making them ideal for smaller devices and sensitive electronics. SuperBase V can typically provide more power for longer periods and can power larger appliances.

What are the advantages of outdoor portable power stations?

Outdoor portable power stations are generally compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. They operate quietly and don't produce emissions, making them environment-friendly. They can power a variety of devices and are often equipped with multiple output ports, including USB, AC, and DC, to accommodate different types of appliances or devices. SuperBase V also supports solar charging, providing a renewable way to keep them powered during longer trips.

Can you charge an outdoor power station with solar panels?

SuperBase V can charge up to 3,000 W using solar power alone. This is enough to fully charge the main unit in 2 to 3 hours.