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Zendure SuperBase M Portable Power Station
Start At $299.00
Zendure SuperBase M Portable Power Station
Start At $299.00

Smaller, Quieter, Lighter

Sometimes, less is more. SuperBase M takes up less space and makes less noise than other comparable power stations. It’s also lightweight and easy to charge. Whether you’re upgrading your emergency prep kit or enjoying some time off the grid, SuperBase M is your anytime, anywhere power supply.

Tiny, Portable, Space-Saving

SuperBase 1000M is 62% smaller than similar brands on the market. When you hit the road, you’ll find that it’s very easy to carry and fits comfortably in the cabin of your car, so you have more space for the things you need. Weighing less than 18 pounds, SuperBase 1000M is our most portable SuperBase yet.

Psst… Less Than 30dB

Most power stations have fans and other noisy parts that can generate over 60dB of noise. SuperBase M's fanless design allows you to enjoy portable power without the noise.

Hassle-free Charging in Your Car

With this tiny dimension, you can easily put it in your armrest box or passenger seat, fully charged through a 12.6V/8A car port ≤ 10 hours.

Gets Along with Your Devices

SuperBase M may be small, but it’s got plenty of connections for your favorite devices. With pure sine-wave AC output and multi-protocol USB ports, you can easily power home appliances and charge handheld essentials at the same time.

Portable Sustainable Energy

With Zendure 100W or 200W solar panels, you can supercharge your next camping trip or outdoor adventure while taking advantage of sustainable energy. Whether you’re charging your laptop or brewing your morning coffee, a solar package with SuperBase M will keep you going.

1,016Wh/607Wh Capacity

Since SuperBase M doesn't have an internal fan, there's more space inside for a larger battery. That's why other power stations with the same capacity as SuperBase M tend to be larger and heavier. SuperBase M is smaller and lighter, without compromising on capacity.

Metal Design, Style Meets Durability

Any good adventurer knows how to stay protected. SuperBase M has a metal enclosure and a vent-free design for serious protection on the outside. On the inside, eight different protection and safety technologies work together to ensure top performance and a long product lifespan.

Dustproof Design

Most power stations have vents and a built-in fan to manage heat, but this isn’t always ideal for sandy or dusty environments. SuperBase M is completely enclosed, so dust and debris can’t reach the sensitive internal components.

Bright LED Lamp

SuperBase M’s back panel features a 10W LED lamp with four brightness levels and an emergency signal mode. A fully charged SuperBase 1000M can power the built-in lamp for up to a week.

SuperBase M Portable Power Station
How does this product dissipate heat safely without a fan?

The product uses high-frequency circuitry that generates less heat overall, and the aluminum enclosure helps dissipate heat into the air, for quiet operation.

How long can the product be stored?

If you are storing this product for more than three months, make sure the battery is at least 50% charged. Every six months, fully drain and recharge the battery to prolong the service life of the internal battery.

How long does it take to fully charge this product?

When using mains/solar panels, and the car charging port/USB Type-C charging simultaneously, it takes about 2.9 hours to charge at full speed.--When charging with mains power, it takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge.--When using the car charging port, it takes about 5.1 hours.--When charging with USB Type-C, it takes about 6.4 hours to fully charge.--When charging with solar panels, it can vary. As a baseline, a 150W solar array receiving 750W/m2 would take about 4.2 hours.

--Note: the above figures are reference approximations from laboratory testing.

Can I charge this product with solar power and the car charging port together?

You can charge this product with both at the same time, to reduce charging time.

Can the product be discharged (outputs used) while charging?

This product supports discharging while charging. When the output power is greater than the charging power, the charge level will decrease over time. When the charge level is very low, the output ports will be deactivated.

Can this product handle extreme temperatures?

This product can be charged at up to 45°C, and discharged at up to 40°C.

Will this product shut down automatically?

This product will only shut down automatically if the charge level is very low or one of the safety mechanisms has been triggered.

How much displacement of the product car can start when starting?

The product starting principle is to charge the car battery, 12V system can be used, the displacement is not limited.

What does it mean when the screen shows “SUS”?

The screen will display “SUS” to indicate that the temperature is too high or too low to charge safely, so the product will not accept a charge.