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How to prepare for long-term power outage? This is a valid question because electricity has permeated most elements of our homes and workplaces, making it a critical utility. It is only when we experience a power cut that we realize quickly how power outages render our lives helpless. How to prepare for long-term power outage? This situation leads me to think about some more important questions, including:

  • What causes power outages?
  • How do I report a power outage to the national grid?
  • Should I buy a home generator for power outages?
  • What are some important power-outage supplies?

You will find answers to these questions in this exhaustively researched article. 

How do I check for power outages in my area?

Outage Tracker Maps

You can check the status of a power outage in the area connecting local operators. Some localities may also offer maps to get instant updates on power outages. What causes power outages can also be found in most cases. For instance, New York has an outage map that is updated within 5 minutes of outrage and provides data on regional power restoration information. 

You can also choose from estimated restoration times, or ETRs, in your county. You will see ETRs for the towns and villages within that county when you click on the arrow to the left of your county’s name. The ETRs are based on National Grid’s latest damage analysis and reflect a general assessment of when the last customer will be returned to service.

Outage tracker maps are excellent resources to keep yourself updated on power outages in the area. The map will show if and which areas are affected, as well as the total number of customers. The map gives updates on whether your area is affected by a power outage. Even you can contact a representative if there is an issue in the outage map who'll assist in solving the issue. Power outage supplies, like suggestions, are also updated on sites for longer periods of power outages. 

What causes power outages? 

Oftentimes, the answer to the query of how long it will take to last a power outage lies in the cause. The cause determines the duration of the outage, whether it lasts for a few minutes, hours, or days. The most common causes of power outages are:

Natural Disasters: We are hearing of snowstorms in many parts of Canada. We pray for them. This kind of circumstance leads to longer power outages. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods often cause longer blackouts. How do you prepare for an electrical shutdown? Causes determine a broader view of it. Damage to power lines often leads to longer power cuts. 

Heavy Rains: A power outage happens in case of heavy rains. This even happens without typhoons. Damage happens to power lines caused by fallen trees and floods that cause blackouts. The extent of the damage determines the duration of the outage and the time it will take before the power supply is restored.

Mechanical Failure: Transformers, transmission lines, and power generation facilities cause power outages. This often happens suddenly. The restoration process takes time because electricians and experts need time to inspect machines and find solutions.

Vehicular Accidents: Vehicular accidents create damages beyond just inconvenience for traffic; they can also lead to power outages. 

How long do power outages last? 

Most power outages take a few minutes to restore. Some may even take hours and weeks in the restoration process. They last only a few minutes, but they can last for hours, days, or even weeks. How to survive 30 days without electricity? The answer to this question lies in different reasons behind the power outage. This will be based on how widespread the damage is. However, below are the factors that determine how long you'll have to wait for power restoration.

How long do power outages last

Causes: The cause of the power outage will almost certainly affect the restoration time. Utility workers can fix a minor incident like a fallen power line within 2–3 hours. Severe weather or a natural disaster can cause a longer blackout.

Damage Assessment: Finding out what and where the issue is can take lots of time to assess the damage. If the cables are underground, it may take much longer to figure out the issues.

Damage in your area: After a storm or disaster, utility companies make efforts to restore power supplies as soon as possible. Your supply line is likely to be restored faster the closer you are to the transmission line. In cases of extensive damage in the area, this may take longer.

Available Resources: Utility workers may spread the word in case of widespread damage. Cities or urban areas are likely to get supply restored quickly as compared to rural areas because of a lack of resources, and skilled workers may delay repairs. 

How do I report a power outage to the national grid?

You can report a power outage to the national grid using the provided contact numbers. For instance, you can report a power outage in New York at 1-800-465-1212. You can also visit their smartphone-friendly Outage Central Map. You can report a power outage, view the number of affected customers, determine whether the crew has been assigned or not, and check the estimated restoration period. In case of a storm, this can be the fastest and easiest way to find out the latest information. Some areas and companies may also provide extra support during a power cut that may require registration.

If you call the national grid to report power outages, you may describe your situation in the following ways: 

  • There is a safety hazard or a downed power line.
  • The power is completely out.
  • I have a partial outage; some lights are working, others are not.
  • Dim or flickering lights.
  • I want to check the status of the reported power outage.

The customer service representative guides through the whole scenario. You can gather data to ensure a prompt response.

How do you prepare for a long-term power outage?

How do I prepare for an electricity shutdown? This is an important question to stay ahead of the curve. This is a great question, especially if you have ever faced a power outage. Prolonged can become bearable if you follow these steps. 

Solar Generator for Power Outages

If you have had the necessary foresight, a power supply cut doesn't mean you should stay without power. These innovative devices can power everything you need with substantial energy storage and various outputs. A versatile and practical power station can solve a considerable portion of power outage issues. For instance, Zendure SuperBase V is a great solution to solve power issues during power outages. Access to essentially unlimited power is a life-saving resource during a power outage. A Home Generator for Power Outages is a handy pick. 

Have a stockpile of non-perishable food items

Power outage supplies call for food strikes. This is a common sense point to have nonperishable food items at home during prolonged power outages. Ideally, having enough food stockpiled to last 2-3 months without replenishing is a great thing to do. This is relatively straightforward if you live alone. Three meals a day for one person means 60–90 meals for a 2-3 month-long power outage. However, larger families will require a substantial amount of food for this similar period. It is now understandable how power outage supplies should also count nonperishable foods. 


If a power outage happens, you're hopefully lucky to have a shelter. If a power outage is caused by some natural disaster, like stormy weather, it is advisable to keep windows and doors closed. Keep yourself informed if there's any mass evacuation. Be mindful of the climate conditions. 

Long-term water storage 

Vast space may be required for long-term storage; however, it is great to have a minimum of one month of water storage. An average person drinks 2 liters a day, which means 15 gallons (60 liters) per month in storage. A healthy tip is to fill your bath with water as soon as a power outage hits. 

Try filling as many large basins and sinks with water as possible if you don't have this ingenious facility. Fortunately, water systems tend to stay active because of backup power supplies. But this is not guaranteed, and you should ensure your storage.  

Emergency Alternative Light

 If you can't buy a power station, make sure you have an alternative light source on hand. As soon as the power supply is cut, you can't even see your hand. Make sure to have multiple flashlights in multiple rooms. One powerful flashlight will also suffice if multiples aren't an option. Emergency candles, an oil lamp, or a propane lantern are also great options to have on hand. 

Free Freezer from Perishable Foods

 Discard the majority of the freezer's contents that perish quickly. You may also want to do it, but certain items like juices and jams are salvageable by keeping them in cool, dry places like your garage. Freezer content can stay intact for an extended period if you don't open it. 

Stay Engaged

This generation can't stay away from digital devices. You may have understood why keeping yourself safe is so important. If you don't do it, it may make you feel restless. If you are a book lover or even not a book buff, a new novel will also do the trick for you to keep busy doing something. Games and playing cards are also good options to keep yourself connected to family. 

The Best Home Generator for Power Outages: Zendure SuperBase V

Buy a home generator for power outages. The Zendure SuperBase V is a power station that keeps your appliances running if there's a power outage. This massive power station runs as a hub for a modular energy system that is powerful enough to run your electricity requirements for days.

Zendure SuperBase V is the largest and most well-built power stations and offers a whopping 6,438 watt-hours (Wh) of capacity. It charges via solar, which makes it an ideal option as a power backup system at home or for use in an off-grid cabin.

Zendure SuperBase V power outages


How do I reset a refrigerator after a power outage?

You often need to reset a refrigerator when it runs at an incorrect temperature or behaves strangely when there's a power outage. This is a call to reset your refrigerator. Some refrigerators come with a dedicated reset button. If your refrigerator doesn't have it, you can reset it using a standard key combination. Press and hold the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons for 5–10 seconds. You'll hear a chime if the reset has worked. The refrigerator will start a backup with the default settings.

How long will food last in a power outage?

Refrigerated or frozen foods don't remain safe to eat after a few hours of power outages. This is important to ensure you have power outage supplies. The refrigerator should be at 40°F or below to keep eatable foods. If there's a power outage, keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed. If doors remain closed, food will stay safe to eat for up to 4 hours in a refrigerator. Put the food in the cooler if the power has been out for 4 hours and a cooler and ice are available. Add ice or a cold source like frozen gel packs to keep food at 40°F or below.

Are partial power outages dangerous?

Partial power outages can pose dangers, depending on the circumstances. It also depends on how you interpret partial power outages. In cases of low voltage and low frequency, user equipment will experience high heat and possible burnout because of the inductive load, as the current will go way up to the transformers. This can be dangerous for vulnerable individuals. Electrical issues such as power surges are probable in partial power outages. What causes power outages in partial outages can also be helpful in such cases. 

Can a power outage damage a PC?

The circuit and chips inside the PC are very sensitive and don't perform optimally if these components don't receive a clean 120-V AC. The system can crash on your PC if there's a sudden power shut-down. Your operating system and running software may be damaged during the crash. System reinstallation is the next probability if you don't manage to do a system repair. Power fluctuations are dangerous for your PC and lead to corrupting or erasing data on your hard drive. 

Concluding Thoughts

How long do power outage lasts is a leading question to see what preparations you need to make. The impending threat of severe power outages is unavoidable in extreme weather conditions. With awareness of the environment, reporting to power suppliers of the power outage, the time it will take to store, or preparations for any power outage ahead of time can be increasingly advantageous for you. 

Having a backup power supply like the Zendure SuperBase V power station can make things a lot easier for you. How long does a power outage last? Don't worry about it with the necessary power outage supplies.

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