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Hugh Hou is a well-known virtual reality (VR) creator who has worked on various high-profile projects including the Olympics. As a VR creator, Hugh Hou needs access to a reliable and portable power source to ensure that he can keep his equipment running during outdoor shoots and events.


VR equipment such as cameras, headsets, and other devices require a lot of power, and it's essential to have a power source that can keep up with the demands of the equipment. We met up with Hugh for a Q&A to find out more about what he does, and how Zendure helps to power his creations.

  • Can you tell us a little about your work as a VR creator, and how you got started in the field?

We are one of the biggest Meta Quest TV and YouTube VR creators of content. We started 8 years ago making 360 video on YouTube and create tutorial to help other creators to get into the space.

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you face when working on outdoor VR projects?

High end VR cameras take lots of power and batteries usually run out very quickly. Then we need to either find an outlet and keep on charging or stop production.

  • How important is having a reliable and portable power source for your work?

Very important as it allows us to keep on filming.

  • Can you describe how you have used the SuperBase Pro in your work as a VR creator?

We use it on remote productions, and outdoor 360 live-streams. The locations we film at are very remote and deep within nature. Using the Superbase pro and solar power is the only solution.

  • How has the SuperBase Pro helped you to overcome some of the challenges you face when working on outdoor VR projects?

Yes. It helps us shoot all day without breaking - it has saved us thousands of dollars on production costs.

  • How do you incorporate SuperBase Pro into your workflow, and at what stage of the process do you typically use it?

We use it to power the live-stream stations, the cameras and the DIT station - where the director / client will have live 360 feeds into their VR headset for monitoring.

  • Can you tell us about any unique or creative ways you've used SuperBase Pro in your work as a VR creator?

We used it in Burning Man 2023 to film in the worlds most extreme environment.

  • What are some of the most important factors you consider when choosing a portable power solution for your VR projects?

Long lasting battery and a way to use solar to recharge. Big reason why Superbase pro is perfect for what we do.

As Hugh has found, the SuperBase Pro is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for outdoor shoots and events. The SuperBase Pro is a must-have gear for VR professionals like Hugh Hou, who need a reliable and portable power source to keep their equipment running during outdoor shoots and events. Its powerful and flexible features make it a useful addition to any VR creator's toolkit.


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